What do green iguanas eat?

Green iguanas are usually taken to the vet for skin problems and deformities, which in most cases are due to poor diet.

Green iguanas are reptiles belonging to the order of Squamata , animals which are characterized by the fact that the upper jaw is welded to the skull. Snakes, chameleons and other lizards are also part of this group.

The distribution of their population is located in Central America and South America, from Mexico to Brazil. They are also found in Florida, but as an invasive species.

Unlike the vast majority of reptiles, green iguanas are herbivorous animals. They feed more specifically on leaves . In captivity, the diet of iguanas is very poor, because the exact composition of an ideal diet for them is currently unknown. Only isolated data are known, but applied, they can give good results.

Feeding green iguanas in the wild

The iguanas that live in freedom in their natural environment feed mainly on the leaves of the trees on which they live. These leaves are their main source of fiber , protein and calcium, three essential compounds in the iguana’s diet.

Green iguanas eat flowers

Flowers are another food that iguanas take in . They represent almost 25% of the food consumed daily by these reptiles. Those who live in captivity are usually fed on fruit as well. However, fruits make up only about 3% of the diet of iguanas in the wild, as they rarely have the opportunity.

Feeding captive green iguanas

Several factors must be taken into account for green iguanas to be healthy when raised in terrariums. First of all, unlike carnivorous saurians, you have to feed them every day . Leftover food should be removed overnight and the container washed with hot water. The diet should be almost entirely made up of vegetables.

Another very important detail is to know the calcium-phosphorus ratio contained in the diet ; this must be equal to or greater than 2: 1. Here is a list of fruits and vegetables classified from most acceptable to least acceptable, for which this quotient is taken into account for daily consumption.