USA: they make a clone of their dog who died five years ago

After the death of their dog Marley, a Californian couple decided to clone their beloved pet. For 50,000 dollars, the ViaGen Pets company took the DNA of the labrador who died of cancer five years ago and put it in the egg of a donor dog, reports CNN .

The embryo thus obtained was implanted in the uterus of another bitch which gave birth to the clone of Marley, baptized Ziggy. According to ViaGen Pets, the dog has exactly the same genes as Marley. “They have the same personality, they play the same, they have the same preferences for toys”, testifies the mistress.

The fate of carrier dogs is problematic

Animal cloning has already been reported in China and the United States . In 2018, Barbra Streisand revealed in 2018 that two of her dogs were clones of her previous animals. In 2009, five puppies were born after the cloning of a trained dog to find survivors in the rubble. The process is banned in France, notes Slate .

The American association for the defense of animals Peta was moved by the treatment reserved for carrier dogs. “When you know that millions of equally sociable dogs are euthanized each year in shelters because they have not found a home, it is even more difficult to defend cloning”, denounced the association in 2018.

ViaGen Pets responded that carrier dogs receive “the highest level of care, nutrition and respect”. “The number of cloned animals is tiny compared to that of shelter animals ,” said the company. “We don’t think cloning is making the situation any worse. “