The best breeds of domestic rabbits

Some rabbits like the harlequin are able to learn basic tricks and orders.

Although pet stores generally do not have a wide variety of domestic rabbit breeds, there are many. Knowing the most popular can be useful in meeting the expectations of future owners.

Sometimes choosing a rabbit as a pet fulfills the role that a dog could have. The requirements of the latter involve time, space and above all constant attention which is often difficult to guarantee. This is why the possibility of buying a rabbit as the first pet is generally the most affordable solution.

The most popular domestic rabbit breeds

There are many other varieties. Here, however, are the most popular domestic rabbits because of their appearance and character:

  • Aries  rabbit : the rabbit with drooping ears, both in its miniature version and in its normal size, is one of the most popular. The main reason for this choice is its tender appearance, reminiscent of that of a lamb . This appearance is complemented by her calm and affectionate character. As well as by his intelligence and his playfulness. And he can even learn basic tricks and orders. However, there are also cases of these rabbits who refuse to be worn despite their sociability
The ram rabbit is one of the domestic rabbits
  • Rabbit with lion head  : the best-known physical characteristic is the diversity of its coat, which is particularly long and lush around the head. It has a more shy and introverted character than other breeds of domestic rabbits. For this reason, it is not recommended for children . When he feels insecure, he can adopt aggressive behavior as a form of defense
  • Flemish giant rabbit:  its greatest feature is its large size, similar to that of a hare . This morphology means that it has a shorter life expectancy than other rabbits, of around four years . It is a quiet animal and it can get used to the family environment, without that implying a constant affection, because it is not as affable with humans
Among the domestic rabbits is the giant rabbit
  • Japanese rabbit: one of the most intelligent and playful. He is able to learn basic orders with some ease . In addition, it is easily recognizable by its two-color or three-color stripes that cross its body

Considerations Before Acquiring a Rabbit

In order to guarantee a satisfactory experience in terms of having a rabbit as a pet, a series of previous aspects should be taken into account:

  • They are delicate animals:  the majority of households who decide to buy a rabbit have one or more children to whom they entrust the role of owners. But these animals, given their small size and their frightening character, must be treated with delicacy and tranquility
  • They require frequent hygiene:  the fact that it is not necessary to take them out onto the street, or that they have their own washing habits by licking them, does not mean that they are animals that are not very demanding in terms of cleanliness required. Indeed, their urine has a stronger odor than that of other animals , so that the cleaning of their cage must be regular and even more in summer