Strasbourg: Be careful, a “little puppy scam” breed is rampant on the Internet

You may have said to yourself by looking at an ad on the Internet that “this little puppy has a good face and that it is a good deal.” Almost irresistible. Be careful, it may be a scam … The national police of Bas-Rhin is indeed alerting to a scam that is rampant on the net and which several people have paid the price for.
“The complaints are increasing,” says the Reception and Complaints Service of the central police station in Strasbourg. “More than two to three per week,” said the police, in addition to other complaints for different animals, exotic and of all kinds. “The victims lost several hundred euros, sometimes much more. “

Classic but recurrent, complaints of job scams with the cashing of a (stolen) check or even on dating sites are increasing, ensures the police station. It is therefore better to remain on guard because it seems very “rare to be reimbursed for the amount spent, recognizes the police, because these networks are often based abroad and difficult to access. “

Simple and formidable

The principle is simple and therefore formidable: the classified ad offers purebred puppies, free of charge. A person can pretend, for example, to have several and not be able to deal with them… Objective of the criminal? Put your future victim at ease. The only consideration for obtaining the animal, paying transport costs … And to pay them, nothing could be simpler than doing it with a PCS top-up, a prepaid card , purchased simply at the tobacconist’s office.

Problem, the puppy never arrives. Then it is mentioned a problem of veterinary fees, customs … In the end, the scammer makes buy several PCS cards to his victim, who will never, of course, see the animal.

Les cartes pré-payées (PCS) présentent de nombreux avantages mais elles sont souvent utilisées par les escrocs qui vous appâtent habilement dans leurs filets.

Soyez extrêmement prudents lors de vos achats sur internet.

Les services de police enregistrent de + en + de plaintes.

Arnaque récurrente : des chiots de race sont proposés gratuitement sur le net moyennant le paiement de (faux) frais de transport puis des frais de vétérinaire, de douane etc… Au final, l’escroc vous aura fait acheter plusieurs cartes PCS et vous, vous ne verrez jamais le chiot!

If prepaid cards (PCS) have many advantages, they are also often used by scammers who “skillfully lure victims by playing on their weaknesses”, explains the police. The best, adds the latter, is to be wary when “a too good deal comes your way” and that you are asked at the same time to pay via rechargeable PCS tickets.