Police dog discovers pornographic files

Dogs are well known for their unusual flair. This is why they are often contacted by the police. Thus, we discovered a police dog which participated in convictions for possession of pornographic content.

The overdeveloped smell of dogs always finds new ways to surprise us. We even learned recently that, when properly trained, some dogs can detect different electronic storage devices . This is the case of URL, a police dog who helped solve cases related to crimes involving minors.

URL, the police dog that detects electronic devices storing child pornography

URL is a superb black Labrador which has been saved from a kennel twice. And at just 18 months old, he became famous as a “porn dog” . He owes this nickname to his ability to detect electronic storage equipment, where files related to child pornography could be hidden, among others.

This dog works with detective Cameron Hartmann in Weber County , Utah. It is one of the few dogs in the United States capable of detecting these chemical components emitted , among other devices, by:

And while it is quite clear that the animal is unaware of what these devices contain, it has often helped to find evidence mainly related to cases of child pornography .

The extraordinary olfactory capacity of the dogs made it possible to train them also to detect the chemical components emitted by electronic storage devices. Thus, they manage to find, for example, child pornography material there.

Discover URL finds to combat crimes committed against minors

Hartmann is a member of the unit for the fight against crimes against minors and he is delighted with the potential demonstrated by URL. And even if he cannot give any details on the current business, he is proud to be able to count on the finds of the dog.

This police dog found evidence related to pornography during various searches carried out in the investigation of crimes of a sexual nature involving children and the trafficking of minors.

For example, URL succeeded in detecting a USB key which was kept with other objects in a closed container, itself in a box, which also contained other objects . What an impressive sense of smell !

Bear, the other police dog that unraveled crimes against children

Indeed, URL is not the only expert on the subject on North American territory . Before him, Bear had already won his laurels . Thus, this dog played a decisive role in the indictment of Jared Fogle . This man, a former head of a fast food chain, was convicted of possession of child pornography content. Indeed, he stored it at his home on USB keys.

Other dogs also do this type of work on the East Coast, and there is even one in Alaska. But URL remains the only specialized dog in the Rocky Mountain region . This is why we can ask him to work both at the federal level and in each state.

However, it is important to emphasize that, in order to successfully detect this electronic material, training these dogs requires three hours of daily work for five months .