Lampedusa: A migrant crosses the Mediterranean with his cat

Animals are also in quarantine. The kitten “Pupi”, who accompanied in the crossing of the Mediterranean its owner, a Tunisian migrant, will thus have to remain in isolation on Lampedusa , indicated this Wednesday Toto Martello, the mayor of the small Italian island.

The young male with white and brown hair, six months old, stayed for a few days in a migrant center with his master after their arrival by boat in Italy on July 1, the mayor said on Facebook.

A resident offers to take care of the kitten

According to local health authorities, the cat is healthy and has no symptoms of illness. He will however have to carry out an anti-rabies quarantine of six months, in accordance with the instructions concerning animals coming from a risk zone.

A resident of Lampedusa offered to take care of the kitten by committing to keep it away from other animals, added Toto Martello, who signed an order giving her the “custody” of “Pupi”.

The influx of migrants to Lampedusa continues

“It’s a story that seems unimportant but it shows how much the procedures, even the most unusual, weigh on the municipal administration when one is confronted with a disembarkation of migrants on the island”, underlined the mayor.

Many migrants from Libya and northern Africa continue to reach the Italian coasts after being picked up by humanitarian ships or with their own boats. According to the Italian daily La Repubblica , 100 migrants disembarked in Lampedusa on July 1 on board 11 different boats.