He parks his BMW M3 in the saloon to save her from the hurricane

Stronger than the Smart Fortwo in the kitchen, the BMW M3 and the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the living room?

A few days ago, a hurricane named Dorian struck hard on the Caribbean coast. If it reached its full power in F5 category by passing over the Bahamas, devastating the whole country, he also touched the United States and more precisely the state of Florida.

Admittedly, he was no longer classified as “F2” when he reached the American coast. But that did not stop some people from taking all possible precautions to protect their cars, even if taking exceptional measures.

An M3 and a Golf GTI in the living room

So, after the Smart Fortwo in the kitchen, here is a BMW M3 E30 and a Volkswagen Golf GTI first generation stored in the living room of another resident to protect them from Hurricane Dorian. Given the value of a BMW M3 E30 on the current collection market, it was worth it to pay attention …