Dordogne: A hundred breeders demonstrate to request the reopening of the Sobeval slaughterhouse

The meeting was set at 10 a.m. in front of the Dordogne prefecture in Périgueux. A hundred breeders demonstrated by dumping manure and slurry this Tuesday morning in support of the Sobeval calf slaughterhouse in Boulazac. Friday, the Ministry of Agriculture asked for the suspension of this establishment after the broadcast of a shock video of the L214 association.  The latter highlights in particular breaches of the slaughter rules, particularly during the stunning of calves before bleeding.

In front of the farmers, the spokespersons of the unions that had called for this inter-union demonstration (FDSEA and Young Farmers) defended the abattoir of Boulazac, highlighting its “performance”, one of the most effective in France, according to them.

“Sobeval is a good company. It is not a vacation center. You have to feed people so you have to kill animals, “says Philippe Bogeart, breeder at La Chapelle-Grézignac, interviewed by an AFP correspondent. The Sobeval slaughterhouse employs 450 people and more than 1,000 breeders work with this establishment.

Checks and tests are in progress

For its part, local elected officials met with management on Monday and say that checks and tests are underway on site.  After an investigation on the spot, two national experts of the ministry highlight problems of training of the employees of the slaughterhouse whereas the Minister of Agriculture speaks of “dysfunctions. “