Dog essential vaccines

Getting your dog vaccinated is essential to keep him healthy and protect him from the most serious illnesses. They can be performed from the age of two months with an annual reminder.

Vaccination helps protect your dog. It is not compulsory in France but it is strongly recommended. The diseases concerned are particularly painful, some are fatal or transmissible to humans. Getting your dog vaccinated means protecting him effectively, but it is also protecting your family members.

Overview of dog vaccines

The overview of dog vaccines allows you to list the main diseases that can affect your animal. The vaccine stimulates the body which will make antibodies. These will be used if they are confronted with the infection. Protection is only effective two weeks after the second injection. In fact, during the first vaccination, two injections must be made one month apart. Then, the recall is annual. The different vaccines can be combined without danger but it is not necessary to vaccinate the puppy before its two months. Earlier, his immune system is not able to make antibodies and he remains protected by those of his mother. The classic vaccines are called CHLRP for distemper , hepatitis,leptospirosis , rabies and parvovirus . The vaccine against piroplasmosis is not systematic but it protects the dog against the disease transmitted by ticks.

All vaccines are made from the puppy’s two months except rabies, which must wait until the puppy is three months old. This vaccine requires only one injection. In order for the dog’s body to continue making antibodies, annual boosters must take place throughout its life. Only the rabies vaccine is compulsory for crossing borders, participating in an exhibition, putting your dog in a boarding house … However, in most cases, your dog’s access will be refused if he is not fully vaccinated.

dog vaccine

What diseases can you protect against?


For the dog to be vaccinated against the rage he must have at least three months. A single injection is enough. The rabies vaccine is compulsory to cross borders. This disease is transmissible to humans and remains fatal. A dog vaccinated against rabies must be identified by tattoo or microchip.


Your dog may be protected by a vaccine against the canine distemper or disease of the young puppy. It is a very serious disease that can affect any dog. In addition, it is particularly contagious and often proves fatal. It causes respiratory infections, severe diarrhea, skin disorders or vomiting.


The parvovirus can be found in places where there are many dogs as kennels, shelters, pet stores. This infectious disease affects the gastrointestinal tract and causes viral hemorrhagic diarrhea. It can be fatal.

Canine contagious hepatitis

Contagious canine hepatitis is also known as Rubarth disease . Thanks to the vaccine, it is becoming increasingly rare. It attacks the dog’s liver and can cause very serious eye problems. It can be transmitted by other infected dogs or by foxes and mainly affects young animals. Contagious hepatitis can have a lightning, severe or mild form. In the first case, it is fatal. Only vaccination, combined with that of distemper and parvovirus, ensures real prevention.


The leptospirosis or rat disease is transmitted by the urine of rodents. It often leads to the death of the dog after infection of the liver and kidneys. This disease can also affect humans.

Kennel cough

The kennel cough is present in places with a high concentration canine. It causes a violent cough. The vaccine is compulsory if you board your dog.


The vaccine against the piroplasmosis can be achieved from the five months the puppy to protect against the disease transmitted by ticks. It can be fatal to the dog.