The trace of a wolf observed on the border with Andorra

On February 19, a member of the wolf tracking network was able to observe a large canine track in the town of Mérens-les-Vals, south of the Ariège , on the Franco-Andoran border.

The French Office for Biodiversity seized “concluded that the elements found are consistent with the wolf species,” said the Ariège prefectural services. To confirm this lead, urine and excrement samples were collected for genetic analysis.

They should make it possible to confirm that it is indeed a wolf and they will be compared with those already noted on French territory to know if it is an individual already known and spotted elsewhere.

The accident occurred in Mérens-les-Vals, in Haute-Ariège.
The accident occurred in Mérens-les-Vals, in Haute-Ariège. – Maps4News

Two sheep attacks blamed on the wolf in December

Friday, the services of the departmental direction of the territories had not recorded a record of damage from large predators during the period of this observation.

Last December, the Ariège prefecture had officially attributed  two attacks of sheep to the wolf , already present since 2014 in the neighboring department of Aude.